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Will We Love or Hate the 2016 MacBook Pro?

With Apple finally announcing their media event on Thursday October 27th, and the consensus expecting a re-designed MacBook Pro, among hopes for additional Mac upgrades..., will we love the 2016 MacBook Pro or hate it?

I'll leave all the rumored specs aside - everyone else is already covering those... What I'm wondering about is if the new 2016 MacBook Pro does indeed have the new keyboard that the 12" MacBook has; will people love it or hate it? And if they hate it, will it be the beginning of the end for the beloved Mac?

12 Inch Apple MacBook

When Apple launched the 12" MacBook, they introduced a revolutionary new keyboard that minimizes the height of the keyboard allowing for a thinner and lighter form factor. Now, Isn't that what we all clamor for? Thinner, lighter, faster, longer battery, etc? In order for Apple to keep delivering on our demands, they have to innovate and the new Mac Keyboard is one way they've done that.

There have been far too many posts about the 12" MacBook keyboard sucking and not enough in support of it. I've had my 12" MacBook since it first came out in 2015. I got used to it very quickly and have come to prefer it over the old fashion island keyboard on my Surface Book and the current MacBook Pro models.

My MacBook is my "go to" laptop when on the road. Its light, easy to use on my lap or on a plane tray table and is a all around the most portable laptop I've ever traveled with. I never gave the new keyboard a 2nd thought and I'm one who's looking forward to the new MacBook Pro and am hoping it does indeed get the new key board.

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