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What You Should Know About Dispatch Software

Ringing phones, open calendars, whiteboards, and overworked computers- If that was how you’ve been operating as a dispatcher, then it’s time for a change. Technology has advanced, and nowadays, we’ve got all sorts of devices, all the bells and whistles included. If you’ve been considering making the switch, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about dispatch software.

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What it is

In simple terms, it’s the software equivalent of the all-seeing eye. For any dispatcher, keeping track of field personnel is essential. Not just that, but as jobs, orders, or emergency calls come in, it’s up to a dispatcher to make sure there’s a team member catering to any needs that arise. Dispatcher software is a program that can provide you with information on the whereabouts of your team, as well as, their schedules, any request that comes in. Regardless of how complicated things get, software will arrange the necessary information in a simple layout so you could make the best decisions for your clients, the public, and your team.

How it works

When setting up your program, you’ll be entering your fleets’ information, personnel, phone numbers, badge numbers, and so on. You’ll also be synchronizing GPS data from your vehicles with the system. Through the GPS trackers in your fleets’ vehicles, the operating system can keep track of your people’s exact location at all times. Meanwhile, a working internet connection will help you take in requests, assign jobs, re-assign them, and send the needed details to your assigned members. All without having to pick up the phone.

Apple MacBook Pro vs Apple iMac


You must have already started thinking of all the potential ways the software can help you. After all, it’s not hard to guess what an organized system where everything can be found in one place can do for a dispatcher. If you’re using such a program for law enforcement, amidst the day’s chaos, you can stay unphased. Aside from the extreme organization, updated locations can help you steer your fleets away from traffic in order to minimize response time. You can say goodbye to the mix-ups and the near misses. With a specialized computer program, finding a free driver for an urgent delivery can be as easy as scrolling up.


Devices integrations are always a concern for anyone looking for a proper system. After all, you also need your fleet members to have access so they could update their status, view their schedules, and more. Fortunately, any dispatch program worth its salt uses the cloud, and through it, they can easily integrate with smartphones and other devices with an internet connection. If your office is equipped with an Apple iMac and your field personnel are equipped with iPads, you can trust having smooth communication. Even if your computer breaks down, a simple re-installation and ID log-in will retrieve all your data from the cloud.

Is it Essential?

If you value streamlining and order, then having dispatcher software is essential. Combining everything in one place saves time, effort, and processing power. How many times did your computer screen freeze because you had too many windows open? Add to that, you’ll also be saving your team’s time. Instead of having all drivers primed and ready, a clear schedule will tell you who needs to be on the road, who needs to be on call, and who can take the day off. Don’t forget that idle time in any car means that your driver is burning their fuel away. Operating systems can help you cut down on this sort of expense, as well.

Should you Use It?

Who might benefit from using a dispatcher software? Because, let’s face it, if you’ve got three drivers and a slow business, staying on top of everything isn’t that hard. However, for medium-sized fleets or even small ones with a surplus of orders and requests, the system will be of great help. Whether you’re a dispatcher for a trucking fleet, a team of technicians, or an emergency service, having something to help you optimize response times, handle routes, and be the best dispatcher you can be.

That being said, when looking for software to purchase, make sure you’re not paying for features you won’t be using. Some products have quite an impressive array of features, but if you won’t be benefiting from them, why waste your valuable resources? Instead, look to invest in software that will cater to your exact needs, but don’t forget to pick something that gives you leeway for expansion. Lastly, keep in mind that proper staff training is key when it comes to smoothing the transition to new software.

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