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Well-Known Podcast Hosting Platforms You Might Want to Check Out

Are you looking to create your podcasting channel? Podcasting has gone mainstream over the past few years. It is a great way to reach out to your audiences and share audio content with them every day. Podcasting has accelerated in popularity because content creators have discovered its ability to grow audiences and generate income by diversifying content distribution channels.

Starting a podcast has a lot that goes into it than merely recording and uploading your files. Users have to select a robust podcast hosting and upgrade their recording equipment. And whether you are starting or migrating from one hosting platform, it is ideal to have a reliable podcast hosting platform to distribute your content.

This article shall explore some of the well-known podcast hosting platforms you might want to check out. But before we get started, let’s look at some of the features of a good podcast hosting platform.

Features Of A Good Podcast Hosting Platform

While selecting a podcast hosting platform for your channel, it can get involving because nothing is clear-cut. Regardless, good hosting channels have the following features:

  • It offers an unlimited upload time.
  • Has good uptime and bandwidth options.
  • Offers FTP uploads.

That said, let’s explore some of the well-known podcast hosting services.


PodBean leads the pack in the race of best hosting platforms for a couple of reasons – it offers free and coupon podcast hosting plans. It is beginner-friendly and offers a great combination of features with reasonably priced plans.

With PodBean, you can get started by uploading your episodes without a monthly fee, but as your podcast audience grows, you may be prompted to switch to a premium plan. And whereas you might be hesitant to switch to a premium plan, PodBean offers a Podbean Coupon that gets you started on its paid platform with a free first month. Besides, they hook you to monthly deals with unlimited coupons.

With this deal, you can create unlimited podcasts because you will have access to unlimited bandwidth, storage, and other advanced features.


Firstly, PodBean is a podcaster favorite because it offers affordable plans from novice to pro. Moreover, their free podcast hosting plan has an extraordinary five hours and 100GB of content bandwidth per month. And with this plan, you can customize your channel with logos, layouts, and domain names. Other features include:

  • Offers an unlimited upload plan starting at $9 per month, including a website, custom domains, and advanced stats.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • An automatic social sharing.
  • Have an iOS and Android app.
  • Have embeddable players.


Simplecast is one of the top-rated hosting services available out there. It is reliable, seamless, and will take your podcasting to the next level. With their monthly plans that start at $15, you will get a website, unlimited upload and user analytics, and the ability to have a team manage your podcast.

Simplecast has a premium monthly plan that, with $35, you get additional team members, advanced upload and user analytics, domain name customizations, among others.


The most notable features you will enjoy with Simplecast as a hosting service include:

  • has a distribution that supports multiple platforms.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Domain and website customization for your podcast.
  • Advanced upload, download, and user analytics.
  • Its ReCast offers easy social media sharing.
  • Has smooth embeddable players.


Buzzsprout has transformed the face of podcasting courtesy of their design. They have one of the most outstanding dashboards you will ever come across. Besides, they keep redefining podcasting by regularly integrating new updates and features, the most recent one being:

  • A text editor for show notes.
  • Affiliate marketing integration for your podcast site.
  • It has built-in audio and video transcription integrated into the site.
  • Additional embed player.
  • Has a publishing workflow.


  • Offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Offers advanced analytics.
  • Users can automatically optimize episodes.
  • It has a magic audio quality mastery even for low-end hosting plans.


This platform hasn't been around for that long, but it has picked up one of the best hosting services in analytics. For one of their most affordable plans, you can expect the following:

  • An excellent podcast website.
  • Advanced podcast statistics.
  • Additional team members and managers.
  • Unlimited shows.

Their dashboard is designed to allow podcasters to create both private and public podcasts uninterrupted. And all that while using the same account and a one-time price. That said, starting at $19 per month, you get over 10,000 downloads, or you can pay for higher tiers if you need more downloads.

A podcast host will store and distribute your podcast's audio and video files and list your RSS (a list of your files) for downloads. Podcast hosting platforms vary depending on the type of clients they serve. Some are designed for brands, beginners, or enterprise customers. The pricing differs too, but it could be anywhere from $5 to $50 per month, although it depends on the company you choose and the number of uploads per month.

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