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MSI WT72 and WS60 Workstation Series: MSI makes good on its promise to deliver the perfect production laptop.

In late September, we have talked about nVidia’s push, to squeeze high-end desktop class GPU power into laptops. While nVidia’s M version is becoming the standard for gaming and higher-specs laptops, like the Microsoft Surface Book, nVidia has been working overtime on a balancing act between delivering desktop workstation levels GPU processing to laptops, in as compact a space as possible.

While MSI doesn’t typically announce its offerings with as much fanfare as Apple and Microsoft, the tech giant’s latest laptops, are anything but subtle, in both looks, form factor, and specs.

MSI WT72 Workstation Series

The first thing that pops, when looking at the specs for the MSI WT72 and the WS60, is the sixth-generation (Skylake) Intel i7-6700HQ quad core processor. Skylake is spreading like wildfire, and it’s rapidly becoming the standard in high-end, high-performance laptops, due to a combination of speed, performance, and energy efficiency, unmatched by any previous generation of Intel CPUs.

Since both the WT72, and the WS60 are anything but gaming laptops, an nVidia Quadro GPU is what’s driving this laptop’s monstrous performance, and the choice is impressive, with GPUs available up to the nVidia Quadro M5000M with 4GB GDDR5 for the WT72, and up to the M2000M with 4GB GDDR5, for the WS60. This level hardware truly begs to be topped with memory specs all the way up to 64GB, which is as far as both laptops will go.

The WT72’s screen size is 17.3 inches, capable of 1080p resolution, featuring True Color Technology, while the WS60 is exactly two inches smaller, 15.3 inches, still featuring 1080p resolution, and True Color Technology.

Both devices feature a backlit Steelseries keyboard, as well as Nahimic Audio, and USB Type-C ports. This is great news, as both laptops are capable of extending their desktop real estate over to two additional 4K monitors.

Storage options include an Gen3 x4 NVMe SSD for the WT72, and a M.2 SSD for the WS60 for the operating system, and a 1TB HDD for additional storage.

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