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These PCs will support Windows Hello face recognition out of the box

One of the coolest features in Microsoft Windows 10, is Windows Hello, the biometric authentication system built into the new operating system, which works in conjunction with special 3D cameras, as well as fingerprint readers and other devices designed to enhance security on new PCs.

Asus Windows 10 laptop with RealSense 3D Camera

While older PCs are not likely to support the new hardware necessary to enable biometric recognition, we have a list of upcoming Windows 10 laptop PCs with hardware that allows users to log into Windows using biometric technology, as opposed to regular passwords.

The following is a select number of devices from the list published by Intel, of all devices that will feature the RealSense 3D Camera.

Asus N551JQ

Asus ROG G771JM

Asus X751LD

Lenovo ThinkPad E550

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 15

The list is likely to grow exponentially, and include more diverse hardware, such as fingerprint readers and iris scanners, not only in laptop PCs, but also desktop and All-In-One products to ship to retail stores with Microsoft Windows 10, throughout the Fall.

Microsoft war on passwords

Microsoft’s focus on biometric technology is part of an ongoing effort to effectively render password authentication obsolete, with alternative, and more secure methods. This is not the first time Microsoft is tackling the issue of secure authentication. Back in the early 2000, Microsoft created a universal web-based authentication feature called Passport. The same codename has been reintroduced in Windows 10, as part of Windows Hello.

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