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Is AppleCare Worth The Investment?

AppleCare for iPad|AppleCare for Mac

We are often asked if its worth it to buy AppleCare. Honestly, it depends. AppleCare is more than just an extended warranty; Apple Care also includes extended support from the Apple Care team. Mobile Apple Products like the iPhone and iPad come with a one year warranty and 90 days of "How To" support from Apple. AppleCare+ for the iPad and iPhone will extend both for two years from your gadget purchase date.

Where to buy AppleCare with a discount

AppleCare+ Also adds Accidental Damage protection to guard against accidental drops, spills and more. Apple will charge a $49.00 fee for an Accidental Damage claim for a maximum of two claims.

So if you're concerned about having to pay full price to replace or repair your iPad/ iPhone or if you're new to Apple and could use the additional support then AppleCare is a good investment, especially at only $99.00 you can't go wrong. Personally, over the years, I've had two iPhones replaced under AppleCare, one of them twice! Apple products are among the most reliable, but with electronics, something can always go wrong. A little extra assurance can go along way and Apple makes it simple too. Here is my personal experience with AppleCare replacing my iPhone 6+.

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