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New Windows 10 post-release build 10525 is out to Insiders

Even after the official release of Windows 10, Insiders haven’t stopped submitting feedback about their experience, both in terms of user interface and performance.

A new build 10525 has been released to fast ring Insiders, with many visual enhancements and under-the-hood fixes.

While this is no longer a preview build, it still falls under a similar category, which is why it’s being released to Fast Ring Insiders only. By this token, the next big Windows 10 update promises to include many of the enhancements found in this Insider’s build, but without any of the issues likely to arise in a build created for testers.

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Build 10525

What’s new:

Some of the feedback that helped shape this new build, has been in regard to the color theme and options across the interface, particularly the Start menu, the Action Center, the Taskbar and title bars. Once the installation of the new build is complete, a new Settings option will become available under Personalization > Colors. Toggling on this option will enable all the new advanced color options affecting the UI.

Improved memory management

Better responsiveness and improved performance for multiple concurrent applications are some of the benefits brought in by a new memory management feature introduced in this new build, called “Compression Store”. This feature is defined by Microsoft as an “in-memory collection of compressed pages”, in other words, when there is too many applications open, or when some applications hit a hard limit in how much memory is available, they will use compressed unused memory pages.

Known issues

As mentioned previously, this build is for fast-ring insiders, and a number of issues has to be expected. Among some of the notable issues, Mobile Hotspot will not work as expected, and users will not be able to share their WiFi with other devices.

Other than the WiFi issue, a video playback issue is likely to require an update to Movies & TV from the Windows Store, and finally optional language packs will not be available until the end of this week.

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