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New Windows 10 Xbox app will focus on putting PC gamers first

New Windows 10 Xbox app will focus on putting PC gamers first

During a Q&A at E3 last week, Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer has revealed more information on the future of Xbox, not just as an app, but as the service itself, with promising insights in regard to PC gamers.

Some of the criticism on the Xbox app stems from the fact that many of the features tend to prioritize owners of the Xbox gaming console, which is not what Microsoft intends to continue to do in the future, as it’s working on creating a better experience that encompasses Windows 10 users who may not want to be completely absorbed into the Xbox ecosystem.

“You’ve probably seen us slow down on some of the progress we’ve made on some of our apps, and some other things because we’re reworking how we’re thinking about the PC audience to try to be more reflective of the PC community that’s out there instead of trying to pull people into the things that come from the console space.” says Spencer, who also admitted to the fact that the Xbox team has been slowing down updates to allow for more work towards that synergy across platforms.

There is yet no specific timetable in regard to the changes that will affect Xbox customers in the future, but such update may happen as the company continues to work on its 2020 release of the mysterious Scarlett console project, as well as plans to create a “Netflix-style” game cloud service, compatible with any device, including smartphones and tablets across different OS platforms.

“the long-term goal is for us to be much more native in the PC gaming environment, as opposed to this thing that feels slightly different than what PC gamers are looking for.” was quoted saying at E3.

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