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A Real World Experience With AppleCare+

Where to buy AppleCare+ On-LIne

I recently developed a problem with my iPhone 6+. The touch screen on my iPhone suddenly began not responding to touch. It started slowly and gradually, but quickly got worse. I tried re-booting, re-setting and even wiping and re-loading iOS in hopes it was just a software issue. Unfortunately to no avail... Worst of all, this was an interment ant problem. Sometimes it worked just fine, sometimes not at all. My experience with intermittent problems like this told me it won't act up if I took it in to be addressed.

Fortunately though, I purchased AppleCare+ with my phone. I set up an appointment online at my local Apple Store for the next day. I showed up for my appointment, and the conversation with the tech was quick. I explained the problem and sure enough it was working perfectly fine. I began to plead my case that this was actually happening and to my surprise she said they've herd of this issue before and she would take my word for it. She then offered me a new replacement phone on the spot. Several minutes later after wiping my old phone and setting up the new phone I was on my way out the door.

AppleCare though, is more than just an extended hardware warranty. AppleCare also offers Accidental Damage and a full two years of expert support. Read More...

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