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Microsoft Windows 10 for Business is underway: gets its own Store and Windows Update

Microsoft is getting ready to offer a truly comprehensive experience to enterprise customers, that is unmistakably centered on security and productivity, with Windows 10 for Business.

Microsoft Windows 10 for Business

According to a recent post by Terry Myerson, Windows 10 for Business will offer enhanced security features designed to protect devices used in the workplace with Secure Boot, which prevents installation and execution of unauthorized applications, aided by hardware-based Hyper-V isolation.

The same Hyper-V technology is also used in Microsoft Passport, to prevent identity theft, by providing password hashing during authentication, for websites and private networks, and also provides additional biometric security.

Windows Store for Business

Back in September, Terry Myerson had mention a completely different experience for enterprise customers, which includes a version of the Windows Store for enterprise applications only. On Monday, Myerson confirmed that the Windows Store for Business will feature special certification for apps, which includes Device Guard, a security measure that ensures only business devices run enterprise applications from Windows Store for Business.

Information Protection is also another feature that sets Windows 10 for Business aside from its consumer version. Information Protection allows for automatic encryption of all data, including emails, application data, web browsing content, as well as every bit of data designated for enterprise access only.

Windows Update for Business

A separate Windows Update for Business pipeline will be available, which comes free with Windows 10 for Business and Windows Pro. This version will provide enhanced control on updates and devices, as well as lower management costs and quicker access to security updates.

The finer details of how Windows Update for Business will work, entail “Distribution rings”, where IT administrators will be able to decide which devices will get updated first within the organization.

Peer to Peer delivery of these updates is also in the works, enabling devices to share update packages by proxy.

Windows 10 for Business will also allow integration with System Center and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

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