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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to ship in October: Samsung SSD confirmed.

The rumor-mill is running out its course, as far as the 4th iteration of Microsoft Surface Pro, which is expected to launch in October, pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 10. The last we have heard about the Surface Pro 4, was that the launch of the device would be postponed to next year, due to a delay in the delivery of Samsung’s Solid State Drives, required by Microsoft.

According to IT Pro UK, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to ship, in its entry level configuration, with 256GB of SSD storage. Finally, with the green light from Samsung, the launch of Microsoft’s flagship hybrid device is expected to be back on schedule.

The Redmond giant can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Surface Pro 4 will be able to ship right around the same time as Apple’s late 2015 iPad lines, which, with a bit of luck, could include the fabled iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro 4 is likely to feature a similar thin and light form factor as its predecessor, and in the same screen size, as the Surface Pro 3. The new tablet PC will also feature longer battery life, and will be powered by the new and more energy efficient Intel Skylake processor. According to more recent reports, a stylus is also in the cards, as well as a new camera sensor.

Three reasons why Microsoft is far from being done with the Surface Tablet:

The Surface Pro, as well as its entry-level version, has been the object of speculation, with rumors spreading that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may be thinking of making the Surface Pro the last of its line, however there are at least three reasons why such notion is baseless.

For starters, while the Windows Phone might be experiencing a range of problematics, mostly related to a market already saturated by iPhone and Android devices, the Surface tablet is Microsoft’s most direct entry point to consumers, and the most solid product ever built by the tech giant.

Secondly, Microsoft needs a killer product to drive its point home about Satya Nadella’s One Microsoft, mobile-first strategy. If Microsoft were to discontinue the Surface tablet, it would kill an important point of leverage against Apple.

Finally, with Microsoft Windows 10 launching this week, Microsoft is looking forward to a boost in consumer confidence across all its hardware products, past and future, since the new operating system has already proven more than capable of supporting all kinds of PCs, including hardware and software way past retirement age.

This last point is particularly important, as consumer confidence is what will drive sales of the Surface Pro 4 and future versions, as well as other devices the tech giant may already be working on.

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