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Microsoft October event is about to shape the company's future as a device maker

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up for a big event in October, in which upgrades to many of the products formerly unveiled with Microsoft Windows 10, will likely make an appearance, alongside devices that have been still in development.

Ever since the unveiling of Windows 10, Microsoft has invested heavily on hardware, which is an indication that, while Microsoft is still very much a software-first company, devices have become increasingly important, not only to Microsoft, but to consumers as well.

Microsoft October event

This October, Microsoft will take the stage and introduce its complete line-up, at what we can expect as a recurrent round-up event which, to some level, could reveal some Apple-like undertones. By such token, we can expect increased consistency in how devices are presented, as well as a touch of familiar showmanship.

According to CNET, the event will take place in New York, on a hunch related to the announcement of a Microsoft flagship store to open its doors on Fifth Avenue, sometime in the Fall.

What can we expect

The devices likely to appear at the event could include two new smartphones, codenamed Cityman and Talkman, that are expected to ship with Windows 10 Mobile.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet, also expected to ship pre-loaded with Windows 10, will likely be the star of the show. While the Surface Pro 4 will have significantly upgraded hardware specs, its externals are not expected to change, as the new tablet will have to be compatible with existing docks, chargers and covers designed to fit current Surface tablets.

An updated version to Microsoft Fitness Band could also make an appearance, this also according to CNET, which, oddly enough, could run on something other than Windows 10 IoT Core.

Microsoft’s Next Chapter event saw the unveiling of an early iteration of Microsoft HoloLens, one that by now, is expected to be much further along in terms of a consumer-ready product. This october, there is a chance for a significantly updated version of Microsoft HoloLens, one that some have predicted, will eliminate the “narrow-field” flaw of its first iteration, and will also offer much awaited developer tools, available as early as this Fall.

OEM hardware

One of the greatest things about a Microsoft event is that it’s a portal for OEM manufacturers to showcase their products as well. With the next big Windows 10 update codenamed “Threshold 2”, we can expect many new laptops, 2-in-one and tablets to ship pre-loaded with Windows 10. By the same token, many of these devices are likely to be announced in October as well.

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