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Looking For The Perfect Employee? Here's What You Should Know

All corporate organizations are only as strong as their most basic building blocks. In the case of businesses, that basic building block is the employee.

Growing a roster of people who share certain qualities is the only way to build a solid foundation for your company and set yourself up for success. If you’re looking for the perfect employee, you’re in the right place. Here are several qualities that will tell you a person is a match for your team.


An average organization, big or small, requires a wide range of tasks to be done on a daily basis. Being in a leadership position leaves you unable to micromanage everything. There is simply not enough time in a day for you to do so. Instead, you need to rely on your employees that they’ll get the job done.

Therefore, reliability is arguably one of the most important qualities to look for in an employee. You can usually work on their efficiency, help them grow their skill, but reliability is a matter of personal discipline.

Independently Confident

People who are independent are autonomous. Those who can perform their daily duties without requiring your input or input of their immediate superior, build team efficiency. Finding a person who is both independent and confident is arguably the best combination out there.

Someone who is confident has the capacity for growth and development. A confident person will take constructive criticism and internalize it in a way that helps them become better at their job. Additionally, a confident employee is one that is capable of making tough calls if there’s no one else around.

You could notice these qualities during the interview stage. However, you’re far more likely to single out and recognize individuals who match this description during the applicant tracking and onboarding stage. The people who are listening, learning, and adapting to the new environment are usually the ones that prove to be the most independent later on.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is the most basic pillar of any team. If there’s no communication, there’s no team cohesion — simple as that. That being said, communication shouldn’t be mistaken for extroversion. Just because someone talks a lot doesn’t mean they’re communicating.

Strong communication skills imply that an employee is capable of getting a message across in a clear-cut way. Not only that, but they need to be able to relay critical information to other team members in a timely manner. Communication is the basis of teamwork, so if your organization is all about building strong teams, focus on this quality when you hire new people.

Strong Integrity

Integrity is a key character trait. It’s a mark of an honest, ethical individual, but also a quality employee. Someone who lacks personal integrity will eventually cause harm to your organization. Lack of integrity usually leads to shifting blame onto others and refusing to take responsibility when things go sideways.

Such individuals not only pose a risk for the overall performance of your company, but they’re inadvertently destroying whatever team cohesion there is. Interpersonal tensions usually divert focus from the job at hand, which can cause unnecessary delays or failures to meet business goals.

Lying, cheating, stealing or any similar activity should be taken seriously. Such individuals need to be removed from the organization in the shortest possible timeframe.

The Ability to Face Challenges Head-On

There isn’t an industry in the world that is devoid of competition. Some industries are downright ruthless. Employees of all levels will be faced with challenges that will sometimes push them, to their limits. This is where their attitude comes into play.

Are they able to handle the pressure and ride out the storm? Or do they buckle under the pressure? Unfortunately, in most cases, you won’t be able to tell which way a person is leaning until they’re faced with their first real challenge.

Ideally, you’d want to hire someone who isn’t afraid to grab the bull by the horns and do what needs to be done. That being said, those who seek guidance under pressure aren’t necessarily incapable of dealing with challenges. They just need support. It’s those who freeze and panic under pressure that you need to watch out for.

Be Meticulous

It’s no secret that some industries have high employee turnaround rates. Whatever the case may be for yours, you still need to be meticulous with your hiring process. Make sure that your HR is on point and equipped to recognize valuable character traits in prospective hires.

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