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Is it worth it to upgrade your Surface Pro 3 with the new Surface Pro 4 keyboard?

A big selling point for Microsoft Surface Pro tablets is the universal compatibility of accessories across all current iteration of the product line. This also includes the new and improved Surface Pro 4 keyboard, which is fully compatible with the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard

There is quite a few reasons to consider upgrading the Surface Pro 3 to the new keyboard.

For one thing, the experience is vastly improved by the increase in spacing between the keys. The wider gap provides a better sense of where the keys are, when touch-typing, at any speed.

The new keyboard also features a better feel of each individual key, which is closer to a real laptop keyboard.

This new key-press tactile enhancement, while not entirely new, has been introduced to the Surface Pro for the first time, most likely to rival Apple’s own iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, which features Apple’s proprietary Butterfly mechanism, which originated from the 12 inch MacBook Retina.

While the overall size of the Surface Pro 4 keyboard is identical to its previous version, the added bonus of featuring a bigger gap between the keys, has caused the keyboard to take slightly more space across the span of the accessory. The resulting visual effect makes the keyboard look visibly more neat and compact, without so much empty space left at the edges and at the top.

The touchpad on the Surface Pro 4 keyboard is also bigger than its predecessor’s. While the touchpad features the same precision, the bigger area provides more room to use gesture controls in Windows 10.

The addition of a fingerprint reader in the new keyboard is also an incentive for users looking forward to take advantage of Windows Hello biometric login features.

Aside from the added biometric enhancements, the new typing experience brought by this new keyboard is reason alone to upgrade, along with the increased size of the trackpad, bringing the Surface Pro 3, and 4 closer to offering a true laptop experience.

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