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IBM MobileFirst iOS Apps are here

It’s been a long wait since Apple and IBM announced the release of new iOS enterprise apps, in the wake of one of the most important, and promising deals in the business, and technology world.

The new MobileFirst, built-for-business iOS apps and cloud services, target enterprise customers exclusively, and are delivered within a secure environment, and built specifically for government and business use, with built-in analytics, and integrating core business processes.

The enterprise industry can now leverage expectations with access to analytics, workflow, cloud storage, and fleet-scale device management, as well as security integration, delivered through a private app catalog that integrates data and transaction security services available in all MobileFirst iOS solutions, from BueMix, IBM’s development platform on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

AppleCare is also a big part of these services, providing 24/7 assistance to IT divisions with Apple’s award-winning customer support group, as well as IBM’s on-site support.

MobileFirst iOS Apps


Plan Flight

This full-featured “flight-pack” app bestows pilots with a bird’s eye view of flight plans, schedules, and manifests, enabling access to both in-flight and ground crews communication. The easy access to up-to-date information allows pilots to make crucial decisions on fuel, which is a major issue affecting airlines costs. A big success indicator is the adoption of iPads by Gulf Air this year to replace traditional flight packs.


Flight crews have now access to a wealth of information to better serve passengers in-flight, including the ability to provide baggage information and re-booking, as well as special offers.

Banking / Finance

Advise & Grow

Built for bankers looking to have easy access to business client profiles and information, this app provides competitive analyses and insights that provide targeted investment recommendations, with increased transaction security.

Trusted Advice

A complete solution to better manage client portfolios. The app provides predictive analytics, and allows to test recommendations with advanced modeling tools.



This app allows insurance agents to assess customers retention risk scores and premiums, by accessing customers profiles and history. The app also supports recommendations, reminders and smart alerts features.


Case Advice

Real-time analytics-driven insights, and predictive analysis are used to adjust case-priorities, enabling case-workers to make more effective and targeted decisions, and better prioritize in active environments.

Incident Aware

Law enforcement and first responders can now rely on their iPhones to assess critical situations with direct access to live video feeds of crime scenes, victim status information, escalation risk, crime history, and a dispatch life-line enabling officers to call for backup support when needed. iPhones have proven invaluable this year during an investigation involving  burglary, in La Mesa, California..


Sales Assist

The ultimate retail app: Sales Assist provides access to customer profiles, purchase history, inventory status, shipment status, and in-store items location, while making suggestions and recommendation using collective business data.

Pick & Pack

Warehousing made easy with proximity-based inventory control to improve order fulfillment.


Expert Tech

This app is invaluable in all application where location tracking is paramount. Expert Tech taps into native iOS functions, such as FaceTime, and provides route optimization, improving on-site service and customer satisfaction.

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