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How to turn your Mac into a recording device for your iPhone

Since Apple released Handoff and Continuity, users have embraced and integrated these great features in their routine. Business users, more than most, are beginning to discover intriguing ways to make the most out of Handoff, especially, as it enables Mac users to pick up iPhone calls through FaceTime.

Some users went an extra step, looking for ways to record phone conversations on their Macs, which turns into a helpful feature for executives and enterprise users looking for ways to better keep track of multiple daily phone meetings.

Recording phone conversations, however, may require a bit of trickery, as Apple has made it impossible for iOS users to access audio produced by cellular signal.

No such restriction exists for FaceTime users (yet), so, apps like Call Recorder for FaceTime by Ecamm, is able to provide an easy way to accomplish the task.

The app, whose limited trial is available for free on the Mac App Store, allows to record and store FaceTime sessions on local storage.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are laws regulating the ability of private citizens to record private video and audio communication, and even enterprise users who may make use of this hack more frequently than others, need often to remind themselves of following the protocol of notifying all parties involved in the conversation that they are being recorded.

This practice is commonly carried out by call centers providing technical or customer support, and who may record phone communication for training purposes.

This “workaround” has multiple benefits: as an active note-taking application, the resulting recorded conversations can be transcribed, and even accurately translated, like in the case of public conferences involving speakers of multiple foreign languages. Reporters would be able to get the most out accurate translations and transcriptions performed much more rapidly.

The steps to follow, as mentioned earlier, involve downloading and installing Call Recorder. Once the application is installed, it can then be configured in a variety of ways, with the option of automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls.

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