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Which Apple iPad is Right for you?(Infographic)

Depending on the type of user you are, looking for the right device warrants a number of considerations, related to cost, performance and size.

Cost, being only one factor in a bigger equation, may be the entry point for most consumers on a budget, however, size and performance are what represents the true return of investment in the short term.

iPad Mini - Great entry-level tablet

The Apple iPad Mini 2 is the smallest, most affordable iPad in the entire line, starting at $269, in its 16GB/Wi-Fi only configuration, however, can it qualify as a useful entry-level device?

The answer depends heavily on what applications are suitable for a 7.9 inches tablet. Productivity-wise, there is a lot that can be done, however, many applications are just easier to use on a bigger tablet, like the iPad Air or the iPad Air 2.

Speed is also a factor to consider, as the difference between the iPad Mini 2 A7 processor, and the latest iPad Mini 4 A8, is quite a leap that fully justifies the hundred dollar difference between the two tablets.

The display in the iPad Mini 4 has also received some staggering improvements compared to its predecessor. The difference is mainly in the fully laminated display and anti reflective coating, which results in improved image quality.

The bottom line, for entry-level users looking to buy an iPad Mini, especially for those who never owned one, is that, while the iPad Mini 2 is a respectable entry-level tablet, if budget allows, an iPad Mini 4 is definitely a worthwhile investment.

iPad Air - Performance in productivity, casual gaming

The iPad Air and iPad Air 2, much like the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 4, may look the same on the outside, but on the inside, they are almost worlds apart.

While the Retina display resolution is identical, the iPad Air 2 features the same anti reflective coating and lamination found in the iPad Mini 4.

The A8X processor in the iPAd Air 2 is also leaps and bounds ahead of the original A7 CPU, and only a notch below the A9X processor found in the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air is perfect for most users looking for a powerful tablet with a big enough display for productivity applications, as well as casual gaming.

iPad Pro

The price point, and size of this tablet are clearly targeted at professional users, such as artists, engineers and designers, the processing power and versatility of this tablet, allows it to instantly turn into a surrogate laptop, making it invaluable on the go or within a desktop environment. Coupled with the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro becomes a true powerhouse, capable of delivering high-end laptop-class performance.

Power users who are willing to invest in the iPad Pro should not look at other iPad models for a true comparison, but rather high-end hybrid devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, or the Samsung Galaxy View.

Which iPad is right for you

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