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Apple's Find My Phone app saves the day in La Mesa

Back in June, we talked about just how important it is to implement the most basic mobile security measures, the moment we buy a brand new phone.

Early this morning, La Mesa police showed how crucial a role smartphones play, in keeping your belongings secure, while providing law enforcement the tools to apprehend criminals on the loose.

At 10:05am this morning, a La Mesa resident called the police, after discovering two burglars, upon waking up. The two criminals fled the scene with prescription medications, cash, credit cards, a 40 caliber Glock 23 pistol, and an iPhone.

Thanks to the Apple device’s killer feature, “Find My Phone”, officers were able to track the two younger criminals, Luis Pelayo and Luis Gallardo, both in their early 20s and both San Diego residents, to Chula Vista, where they were arrested and later booked back in La Mesa, for residential burglary, drug possession and theft of a firearm.

Using the phone’s GPS location feature, officers were able to capture the suspects with the assistance of police dogs and the Sheriff’s helicopter, at around 2:00am, only a few minutes shy of two hours after the call was made.

This scenario has become increasingly common in all major cities, as more smartphone owners take care of securing their devices, using GPS tracking and other anti-theft measures, and most importantly, device manufacturers other than Apple are also finally implementing much needed countermeasures to protect their devices as well.

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