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Apple and Google Patent War is Over. No. Not really.

Motorola Mobility, while still under Google’s short term management, and Apple, have finally reached an agreement regarding their competing patents, even if no cross-licensing deal is on the horizon.

In spite of the peaceful settlement, the war between Apple and Samsung is still going, and while Apple seems to be victorious in the courtroom, Samsung dominates the marketplace with record sales.

The interesting aspect of the situation, is a joint statement issued by Google and Apple, suggesting that the two companies will be working together on a patent reform.

The practical application of such statement might be indicative of a struggle in making a dent in Samsung or into the Android OS market share. Is Apple looking to “lure more bees with honey than vinegar”, by sweetening its stance in the courtroom?

As most patent wars involving the mobile world, outside of the Apple Vs. Google universe, have been settled, this might very well be a plausible explanation.

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