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Apple TV will run iOS 9: New Remote, Siri integration

Apple TV is finally getting a big revamp, and could come as early as next month, as Apple prepares to unveil the next version of the iPhone. The brand new iteration of Apple’s iconic set top box comes with code name J34, and will run a full version of iOS 9 optimized for TV screens, as well as its own App Store, a new developers SDK, and a remote control.

New Apple TV announcement in September

The revamp of Apple TV has been the subject of much speculation, mostly due to the fact that an update has been long overdue. Early this summer, Apple was expected to unveil Apple TV at the 2015 Apple’s WWDC keynote. When Apple TV was a no-show, speculation spread of Apple having difficulties in securing deals for its rumored streaming TV service. However that wasn’t the case, and the reason behind the delay was to ensure that iOS 9 would be ready to run on the new device, with a slick, polished and brand new user experience.

The new Apple TV Remote

In the wake of Apple acquiring an increasing number of patents, as well as updating existing ones, rumors had it of a new Apple TV remote featuring several enhancements, some rather predictable, while others slightly more far-fetched and falling into the definition of wishful thinking. While some have toyed with the possibility that the new remote would feature a Retina touch screen, others, perhaps more grounded in light of popular trends, have advanced theories of voice controls and Siri-powered voice search, a-la Amazon Fire TV. Most recently, rumors had it of the Apple TV remote featuring Touch-ID, or other forms of biometric hardware that would enable users to sign-in, and even apply parental controls on the fly.

The new Apple TV App Store

There is very little chance that the new remote will feature some of the above mentioned wilder features, however, Siri integration is definitely in the cards, as well as iOS 9, and most importantly, a revamped App Store, designed for the Apple TV.

The new App Store will feature plenty more content for Apple TV, including games. Games are expected to gain momentum, as the new Apple TV is likely to feature much better specs than its outdated predecessor, offering capabilities sufficient to play most of the mobile games available to iPhone and iPad users.

Internet TV Service

It’s still possible that a new Apple-branded streaming TV service is still in the cards, but chances are, no official word will come prior to next year, or at least until Apple solidifies deals with TV networks.

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