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Apple MacPad Pro Concept embodies every single rumor we heard about Project Star

What’s most fascinating about Apple-inspired concept renderings, is that some can often be so realistic and well-executed, that one might wonder whether Apple may actually consider making them a reality.

The thing that makes this new concept called “Apple MacPad Pro” more special, is that nearly everything about this fictional device appears to borrow from real-life rumors about a project that Apple is indeed working on, called Project Star, which we have been covering this past week.

The video portraits a device comprised of two edge-to-edge touchscreen displays, and running what seems to be a modified version of iOS, designed for large screens.

The device resembles a sort of hybrid between an iPad Pro, and an iMac. In tablet mode, the MacPad Pro can be folded in two, by mean of a flexible hinge (“Living Hinge” perhaps?), which connects the two touchscreen panels, with 180 degrees of range.

In laptop mode, the MacPad Pro can sit at a 90 degrees angle, with the lower touchscreen converting into a full-size virtual MacBook keyboard, and the upper screen as the actual display.

Opening the device flat, with both screens side-to-side, turns the device into one large touchscreen, which can dock into a dedicated display stand, turning the MacPad Pro into something resemblant of an iMac display, which can be used with a regular Mac Keyboard and a Magic Mouse, or even Apple Pencil.

There are many reasons why one would be amazed by the idea of a similar device, as it would incorporate the agility and ubiquitous nature of a Microsoft Surface Pro, the ease of use of an iOS-like operating system, and the power of an iMac, as the device is shown running creative apps like Photoshop.

Mind you, the promise of being able to deliver so much power and flexibility clashes with the unrealistic thinness of the MacPad Pro, as anything this powerful would need some serious cooling mechanism for the CPU, which we can only assume should reflect the specs of an Intel Core i7, as well as an adequate amount of RAM, not to mention a capable SSD storage module. With that said, the concept in itself is truly amazing, when thinking of the kind of productivity and fun that comes with a device of this kind.

Sadly, Apple has been consistently clear about the fact that iOS and Macs are to remain two separate ecosystems, which makes the prospect of seeing something like this on the market, mere wishful thinking.

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