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14 million active Windows 10 devices in first 24 hrs after launch

According to a recent post by Microsoft senior VP Yusuf Mehdi, within the first 24 hours from Microsoft Windows 10’s official, and very quiet, launch, as many as 14 million Windows 10 devices have been activated.

Microsoft Windows 10 - 14 million devices in 24 hours

Deployment of Windows 10 has began two days ago, and many consumers who have reserved their upgrade, are expected to receive it soon. The staggering number of activations was likely extrapolated from activations of huge numbers of Windows 10 Technical Preview installations run by Insiders who have elected to keep the upgrade on their devices.

This is great news as it’s the ultimate proof that Windows 10 is a mature and stable operating system, ready for prime time.

Our take

We can’t disagree with the numbers ourselves as we have been testing Windows 10 in production environments since the earliest builds, on systems running both Intel and AMD CPUs, as well as a number of graphic chipsets and cards, from Intel HD to nVidia Quadro and GeForce, and on multiple devices, with spectacular results.

From custom desktop rigs, to laptops and tablets, the user experience is leaps and bounds compared to both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, especially as the integration of Cortana allows to summon applications instantly with quick searches, rather than delving into intricate sub-menus from the taskbar, which is still available to those who like a more “old school” approach.


The celebrations for the official release of Windows 10 took place in several locations around the world, like Sydney, Nairobi, London and New York City. Surrounding the event, the #UpgradeYourWorld hash tag has been making the rounds, with users worldwide sharing posts about their Windows 10 experiences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Microsoft has worked to ensure a smooth upgrade process for all consumers, which will download Windows 10 onto their devices and start the setup process automatically, on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

For those who did not see the upgrade notification on their desktop, the Get Windows App is also available for download.

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