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Should I Buy a Mac or PC for College?

SATs are done, graduation is coming, and you're getting ready to go off to college - Congratulations! But now the most common question we get... Should you buy an Apple Mac or a PC laptop for college?

Buy an Apple Mac Laptop for college

The answer unfortunately isn't easy, but there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost, you need to know what your college recommends. Depending on your major, you'll have to dig deeper to know what your specific department recommends or maybe even require. Are you an engineering major? You'll likely be required to buy a PC laptop since most engineering software doesn't run on SO X. Are you an Art Major. You'll likely be turned to an Apple Mac.

If your major doesn't have specific requirements then you need to consider some personal preference points.

  • Portability: You'll likely be lugging your laptop around campus, to and from your dorm, the library, coffee shop, etc.. so you'll want something 12" to 15" max. Think portability. The 12" Apple MacBook on the Mac side and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on the PC side are exceptionally portable.
  • Size: Depending on how you use your computer, you may be ok with a smaller screen, but if you are a multi-tasker then you'll want a larger screen.
  • Power: As an artist or engineer, gamer or just a power user you'll want to look for a higher set of specs.
    • Processor: Look for at least an i5 Intel processor, i7 for me personally is preferred and best for software like Autocad and video rendering.
    • RAM: 16GB has largely become the minimum standard and will suffice for almost everyone. Engineers will want to consider 32GB depending on the software you'll be running.
    • Graphics: Artists, video editing and engineering are examples where higher end graphics with dedicated video RAM is needed. Business or liberal arts not necessary.

One last note... I've personally heard from people, students and parents alike, where they purchased a PC for college and then later found out their particular school required a Mac - or vise a versa. So first and foremost check with your particular schools of study. Once you've made your decision, visit to find your perfect laptop for college.

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